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Herbostra - derived from 'Herb' & 'Stra' - meaning "Originated from Herbs", is an innovative Ayurvedic company that is modernizing conventional Ayurvedic products by making them more palatable, presentable and accessible to all. Herbostra uses Ayurvedic knowledge along with modern science to develop its own formulations for Innovative products which are effective and consumer friendly.

Why Herbostra

Herbostra through its research and innovations create products which are unique and purposeful. We manufacture products using standardised procedures, pure herbs and advance techniques tested by experts. Our products are unique & provides scientific solutions to health issues. Our goal is to make holistic health care available to every individual around the world.


Oil Pulling mouthwash : I was delighted to find a product I was in search of for a long while after practicing “oil pulling” for 2 years using my own combo of sesame oil etc. and was thrilled to find a “ready made product with all the right Ayurvedic ingredients integrated together”. It’s been at least 7 months and I can’t dream of not using this product now. It’s formulation is perfect and if I may say so, very enjoyable as an experience. I can safely say, I can feel it’s been effective as
well !!

Abhijit Pradhan - Mumbai

Very herbal and Natural : I've tried the lip balm, soap, oil pulling mouth wash and the hand cream. They're all true to the brand. All very herbal and natural. They also have a unique product, the bitters that can be used in salads and juices for an added hint of taste and health. Would definitely recommend!!

Vanessa Luis - Mumbai

Herbostra products are a perfect example of modern Ayurveda. Oil pulling mouthwash is an excellent example of this as traditional oil pulling might not feel palatable for some people and this is the solution to everything, the process of daily oil pulling is now so easy and refreshing with amazing health benefits. I also have recommended this product to my patients who require oil pulling on a daily basis and they are loving it! I also really liked the combination of herbs of mother oil and herbostra bitters. Recommended for every health enthusiast!

Dr. Akshara Devrukhkar - Mumbai

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