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Personal hygiene plays a major role in being healthy. It is nothing but taking care of your body. Every day we come in contact with millions of germs. If not cleaned, they may stay on the body and make you & your loved ones sick. Regular bathing, washing of hands & sanitizing helps to prevent various illness. But some harsh chemical soaps or hand sanitizers rip off the moisture and makes the skin dry compared to natural products.

Natural ingredients are not only delicate on skin but also moisturize & nourish the skin.

Probiotic technology and herbal ingredients are used to make these products unique in its own way. Herbostra has launched a range of unique soaps with herbal ingredients and do not have synthetic color or fragrance. It cleans and refreshes the skin. They are much gentler on the skin, helping prevent rashes and blemishes while still being strong enough to cleanse.

Probiotic technology has been used in Ayurveda since thousands of years in the form of ghee and other plant based probiotic and prebiotic. Probiotic cow’ ghee helps to balance the pitta on the skin, soothe and replenishes the skin.

Probiotics are used in personal care products as a bioactive ingredient. Similar to how probiotics treat and prevent problems in the stomach, topical versions are known for their calming effects on the skin by harnessing a surge of good bacteria to help cells flourish. Probiotic technology in skin care transforms the skin at a dermal & subdermal level.

Probiotics calm the natural immune triggers in your skin which can be overstimulated by pollution and stress and they reduce the damage these immune triggers cause to collagen, elastin and healthy cells. It is proven to reduce cellular damage by 50% and activate cellular renewal by upto 70%. It stimulates skin's immune system, repair natural defenses, prevent collagen damage and hydrate the skin. It also slows down ageing.

Skin care products developed with Probiotic technology do not contain any live bacteria but instead promotes the growth of skin's own helpful bacteria.

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