• How Does Camphor Work Wonders for Your Skin?

    How Does Camphor Work Wonders for Your Skin?
     Most commonly found in the wood of camphor laurel, camphor is a naturally occurring organic compound. The peculiarity of camphor is that it has a piquant smell and a sour taste. It has other characteristic features - it is translucent, and white in color. Blocks, tablets, oil and powder are all forms of camphor that can be found on the market. In addition to its religious use, did you know that camphor also has several health and beauty benefits? There is a chance that it is more effective than all the expensive cosmetics combined. When it...
  • How Does Exfoliation Improve Your Skin Quality?

    How Does Exfoliation Improve Your Skin Quality?
    Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from the skin's surface using chemical, granular, or exfoliating products. One of the amazing facts about skin exfoliation is that it naturally removes dead skin cells and makes room for new ones every 30 days. This can lead to dry scaly patches and clogged pores. Exfoliating will help prevent this. Not sure where to start? Read below to learn more about the origins of skin types, the difference between physical and chemical peels and more. Physical Exfoliation Exfoliating products or methods that are rubbed by hand is called physical exfoliation. You may already be using a physical exfoliator like cleansing scrubs, loofahs or body brushes. The key to physical exfoliant is their simplicity in using. You can do this at home with a muslin cloth or a DIY scrub where you get immediate results. Chemical Exfoliation This method rejuvenates the skin using various chemicals and enzymes such as hydroxy acids and...
  • Why Massaging with a Mother Oil Important for New Mothers

    Why Massaging with a Mother Oil Important for New Mothers
    Massages have long been used as a remedy for relaxation, pain relief and stress relief. After giving birth, as a mother, you undergo many physical, emotional and mental changes. With a newborn, finding time for your self is a bit difficult. So you go through an emotional turmoil when your body is not supporting you right. Rest and recovery require additional effort and time to get back to your original self. One of the quickest ways to postpartum recovery is a postpartum massage. What is a Postpartum Massage? After birth, you might experience various difficulties in your body like muscle pain, hormonal changes, body fattening and much more. It puts you in a...
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