Good bacteria at work, for great skin

Probiotics are most often associated with gut-health. Not many people know that probiotics (trillions of good bacteria that help the body to fight sickness) are found on the surface of the human skin as well. 

Skin, at the frontline

Our skin, the largest organ of the human body, is at the frontline, because when it comes to continuous exposure to external sources of infection, it forms our first line of defence. As the war against infections is constant, the probiotic bacteria on our skin act like soldiers, fighting to keep us healthy and safe.

Probiotics calm the natural immune triggers in our skin and reduce the damage caused to collagen, elastin and healthy cells.

Skin care products developed with probiotic technology do not contain any live bacteria. Instead, they promote the growth of the skin's own helpful bacteria.

 Why we need probiotic, skin-friendly products

In modern times, with careless use of antibiotic creams and lotions and anti-bacterial products that kill bad, disease-causing bacteria, we unfortunately also destroy the probiotic bacteria. This results in disastrous skin health.

Additionally, UV rays from the sun, environmental pollution, allergens and chemical-based skin products play an active role in creating several skin related issues. Rash, pimples, dry, itchy, flaky skin, blotches and patches have become fairly common.

To bring back good probiotic bacterial activity to the skin, Herbostra has developed a probiotic soap. Just like how probiotics act to heal problems of the gut, it acts in a similar manner to heal issues of the skin.

Herbostra probiotic soap not only brings back the bacterial activity that is necessary for healthy, soft, well-hydrated skin, it also restores the pH balance and transforms the skin at a dermal & subdermal level.

Herbostra Probiotic Soapsare crafted using traditional Ayurvedic processes that have no side effects. The process uses ghee and other plant -based probiotics  as a bioactive ingredient. Herbostra Probiotic Soaps are available in three variants –Camphor, Neem and Exfoliant.


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