Here's Why You Should Consume Amlaki Everyday

Here's Why You Should Consume Amlaki Everyday

Amlaki Containing  8 times more Vitamin C than an Orange and 17 times more oxidants than Pomegranate, our very own humble Amlaki/Amla or Indian Gooseberry surely needs a superfood status. Amlaki is a Rasayan herb which is especially recommended to rejuvenate the body.If you’re still not convinced that you should consume some amount of Amlaki every day, and then you should

Benefits of Amlaki/Amla (Indian Goosberry):

1. Improves eyesight

It is known that carotene in amla enhances your vision. Daily consumption of amlaki has also been associated with the improvement in eye health as amla can diminish cataract problems and intraocular tension. It also prevents itching, reddening, and watering of the eyes.

The Indian Gooseberry or Amlaki also contains Vitamin A that decreases the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

2. Burns fat

This is the least popular yet most interesting benefit of amla. A protein found in amla helps prevent cravings. Amla also contains very low carbohydrate and fat content. A single serving i.e. (150 g) of amla has 66 calories, 1 gram of protein, less than 1 gram of fat,and 15 grams of carbohydrates.Also, Amla boosts metabolism. Amla contains fiber in high quantities and acids like tannic help relieve constipation and make you feel less bloated.

3. Builds immunity

Amla’s astringent and antibacterial properties boost your immune system. A substantial number of health problems like cancer are the result of oxidative damage. Oxidative damage happens when body cells utilize oxygen, they leave behind harmful by-products known as free radicals. As amla is a strong antioxidant agent, it can help in protecting the cells.

4. Beautifies hair

Amla is a proven tonic for long and luscious hair. It has essential fatty acids that go deep into the follicles and prevent dandruff, slow down graying, and strengthen hair follicles.This round and juicy fruit have high carotene and iron content, hence boosting hair growth. Amla also works as a natural conditioner allowing you to have soft lustrous locks.

5. Improves skin

Amla is the most potent anti-aging fruit. The Vitamin C and antioxidants in amla decrease fine lines, wrinkles and give glowing skin.

6. Helps you manage chronic conditions

Amla is packed with chromium which helps in reducing bad cholesterol. It also helps stimulate insulin production, hence reducing the blood glucose level of diabetics.

7. It relieves pain

Whether it is arthritis-related joint pains or aching mouth ulcers, amla can offer relief, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Amla is also used as an analgesic to heal wounds.If you want an overall health boost in just a few drops, then you should try Herbostra’s Digestive Bitters.Packed with the goodness of Amla, drinking Digestive Bitters in your favorite soup or juice can help you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Mix a few drops of the Digestive Bitters in your everyday beverage to tonify your heart and promote a healthy digestive system.


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