Power of Exfoliation During Winters

Power of Exfoliation During Winters

As much as we may try to ignore it, we’ll be facing the cold truth that sometimes, dry skin occurs. Just like everyone else, keeping your skin healthy and supple can be a real task.  Fortunately, we have exfoliation. Understanding why it’s so important to exfoliatecan be very helpful in picking out the right product to keep your skin radiantyear-round. 

Why Should We Exfoliate?

In the winter, there is less moisture in the air causing skin cells to deplete faster. Over time, the dead skin builds up on the surface causing a flaky look. The dead skin clogs pores, causing wrinkles, and increasing skin irritation. Exfoliation removes the dead skin, enabling moisturizing products to reach the new cells and work on the skin.

Exfoliation can improve even the most common skin issues. Some of these skin problems include:

  • Blemished Skin:Regular use of acne products to dry out skin can result in more breakouts from oil being clogged in the layers of dry skin. Exfoliating removes the dry skin and the build-up of oil at the same time.
  • Post-Breakout Red/Dark Spots:Exfoliation on a daily basis can help remove the scarred skin cells and enable new and healthy cells to take over.
  • Clogged Pores:Just like blemished skin, exfoliating removes the dry skin and the oil clogged in the pores.
  • Wrinkles:Regular exfoliation can help speed up the skin’s natural exfoliating course and the aging cells, enabling your skin to look younger and healthier.
  • Hyperpigmentation: Exfoliation can quicken the break up of cells in the dark spots so they lose their color.
  • Dry Skin:Exfoliation helps get rid of the dead skin cells and enables the moisturizer to reach the healthy cells for supple skin.

How Should We Exfoliate?

There are several kinds of exfoliators available, all with different ingredients. The two major types are physical and chemical. A physical exfoliant is put on manually with a scrub, while a chemical exfoliant is a peel or mask that does its work itself. No matter what product you choose, there are a few crucial things to remember:

Avoid products that don’t dissolve. These sharp-edged products can damage the skin, increase aging, and cause more harm than good. Instead, use an exfoliant with round ingredients that are kinder on the skin.

Do not depend solely on chemical exfoliation. While it may be effortless, it can blister and aggravate the skin.  It’s suggested to use a blend of both chemical and physical exfoliation. Natural peels are made to be less damaging and work well for more sensitive skin.

Exfoliate daily. The suggested time frame is once a week, with 2-3 times in the week if required.  Nevertheless, be cautious to not over-exfoliate. If you witness your skin becoming aggravated, slow down on your routine to every other week. 

Moisturize, always! You should always moisturize after exfoliation. The moisturization helps new cells to get healthy and your skin to be supple.

Our recommendation: If you are looking for a natural exfoliator, then Herbostra’s Exfoliating Soap Bar is your best bet. Wrapped up in a jute bag and made with Probiotic technology, this soap removes dead skin and stimulates blood circulation. Aloe Vera being the base ingredient, hydrates your skin and keeps it extremely supple. 

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