• Here's Why You Should Consume Amlaki Everyday

    Here's Why You Should Consume Amlaki Everyday
    Amlaki Containing  8 times more Vitamin C than an Orange and 17 times more oxidants than Pomegranate, our very own humble Amlaki/Amla or Indian Gooseberry surely needs a superfood status. Amlaki is a Rasayan herb which is especially recommended to rejuvenate the body.If you’re still not convinced that you should consume some amount of Amlaki every day, and then you should Benefits of Amlaki/Amla (Indian Goosberry): 1. Improves eyesight It is known that carotene in amla enhances your vision. Daily consumption of amlaki has also been associated with the improvement in eye health as amla can diminish...
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