• Power of Exfoliation During Winters

    Power of Exfoliation During Winters
    As much as we may try to ignore it, we’ll be facing the cold truth that sometimes, dry skin occurs. Just like everyone else, keeping your skin healthy and supple can be a real task.  Fortunately, we have exfoliation. Understanding why it’s so important to exfoliatecan be very helpful in picking out the right product to keep your skin radiantyear-round.  Why Should We Exfoliate? In the winter, there is less moisture in the air causing skin cells to deplete faster. Over time, the dead skin builds up on the surface causing a flaky look. The dead...
  • Here's Why You Should Consume Amlaki Everyday

    Here's Why You Should Consume Amlaki Everyday
    Amlaki Containing  8 times more Vitamin C than an Orange and 17 times more oxidants than Pomegranate, our very own humble Amlaki/Amla or Indian Gooseberry surely needs a superfood status. Amlaki is a Rasayan herb which is especially recommended to rejuvenate the body.If you’re still not convinced that you should consume some amount of Amlaki every day, and then you should Benefits of Amlaki/Amla (Indian Goosberry): 1. Improves eyesight It is known that carotene in amla enhances your vision. Daily consumption of amlaki has also been associated with the improvement in eye health as amla can diminish...
  • Uses and Benefits of Shadbindu Oil

    Uses and Benefits of Shadbindu Oil
    Ayurveda has the cure for almost everything! Some numerous Ayurvedic herbs and plants are useful in treating ailments. And sometimes, these are decocted to produce a more effective cure. One such concoction is Shadbindu Tail (Oil). Read on to know more about Shadnindu oil uses & benefits . Uses & Benefits of Shadbindu Tail (Oil) The prime focus of Shadbindu Tail (Oil) is on the sinuses, nasal cavity, and upper part of your body. The upper part includes the scalp, brain, hairs, jawbone, eyes, and mouth. Following are some uses and benefits of Shadbindu Tail (Oil): Sinus...
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