Top Beauty Hacks to Take Care of Your Lips

Top Beauty Hacks to Take Care of Your Lips

Winter is here. And so are chapped dry and cracked lips. Though we stock up on all kinds of moisturizing products in this season, we always seem to forget about lips. While they are the first thing one notices, we don't seem to have a thorough idea of how to take care of them. Read on to know more about taking care of your lips.

Lip Care Routine You Should Follow

1. Don’t lick or touch your lips

Lips don't possess the protection of their own. So, whenever you lick or touch them, they get directly affected. Do not lick your lips. It might feel amazing for the moment and also feel like you are hydrating your lips. But once the saliva subsides, it will leave the lips even drier and chapped. The enzymes in your saliva are simply too harsh on your lips.

The other thing you can do is not breathe with your mouth. There is a lot of moisture that gets away when you breathe with your mouth open.

2. Hydrate

When they say you need to drink certain liters of water to stay healthy, you need to take it seriously. When your body is properly hydrated, your lips will take longer to dry out. Just as your skin needs water to look supple, so do your lips.

3.Scrub them

To keep your lips plump as they are, you should scrub them with a natural or homemade scrub. Getting rid of dead skin cells is vital as it makes sure that your lips don’t get any infection.

4. Always have a lip balm on stand-by

You never know when your lips will go dry. And a good lip balm is a life-saver. Try and get a lip balm that provides deep moisturization. There is a lot of confusion regarding which lip balm to choose.

We recommend Herbostra’s Pure Ghee Lip Balm. It is made of pure Cow’s ghee. This lip balm is all-natural, with herbs, no preservatives, no toxins, and no color. The natural and pure ingredients in this lip balm will help you get rid of chapped and dry lips.

ghee lip balm

 5. Eat right

Consuming the right type of food is essential for your skin as well as your lips. The vitamins and nutrients absorbed are directly visible from the condition of your lips.

6. Massage your lips

Get any nourishing oil to massage your lips for at least 5 minutes per day. Massaging improves your blood circulation, enhances the color of your lips, and ensures that all nutrients are absorbed in the right way.

7. Wear lipstick whenever you go out

The good news is that you will be able to wear lipstick every time you step out. As your lips have no natural layer of protection, a layer of lipstick will safeguard your lips. A lipstick will protect you from dry air, dirt, sun, and other factors.

While there are a number of ways and products to take care of your lips, but the natural way is always the best. Taking care of yourself inside and out is the only way to fully nurture your lips.


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