Why Are Activated Charcoal Soaps So Popular?


With the very first reference of charcoal, the visual that comes to our mind is of a messy black substance commonly used for making fire and other purposes. So, you might be wondering what has such a material to do in the skincare or beauty product industry. Let us tell you here that activated charcoal soap is one of the trendiest products in the beauty care and health industry.

The ayurvedic soaps with the power of activated charcoal are quite popular for cleansing the impurities of our skins. Dermatologists also promote these products as the uniquely absorbent properties of the activated charcoal deep cleanses the excess oil and dirt and helps in exfoliating the skin. Here, we are discussing the benefits of using these soaps and what is the reason behind their worldwide popularity.


Charcoal is an organic substance with high carbon contents that is commonly used to get rid of chlorine from drinking water, to eliminate odours in different corners of the household, and for cooking.Charcoal made from coconut shells is more gentle on the skin compared to the other wood charcoals often used in skin care products. So, the source of charcoal is very important.

Whereas the activated carbon is a variety of charcoal that has been treated in a certain way to increase the porosity of the coal so that it can absorb more toxins, chemicals, and gases. The carbon is treated by adding oxygen with a thermal application in a steam initializing process. This treatment makes the activated charcoal more efficient for purifying the impurities. The activated charcoals come in various forms, such as – powdered activated carbon, granular activated carbon, bead activated carbon, polymer-coated carbon, impregnated carbon, etc.



    • Face Mask: The face masks with activated charcoal technology which is extremely helpful to combat blackheads, acne, and clogged pores. These products are favored by women with all skin types as the benefits are dermatologically proven. For the best results, you can also try the face masks with lavender essential oil and aloe vera extracts.
    • Body Scrub: Scrubs are an essential part of skincare. The detoxifying properties are the best trait of the activated charcoal body scrubs. The body scrubs help in exfoliating the layer of the dead cells from our skin and leaves a healthy, supple, and glowing skin. Try combining citrus essential oils with the scrubs for a more refreshing feel after a tiring day at your work.
  • Charcoal Soap Bar: Once you start using the charcoal soaps and start realizing its benefits on your skin, you will never go back to your regular bathing soap bar again. You will be able to feel the healthy difference on your skin after a few uses as it clears all the toxins and impurities and lets your skin breathe.


  • Shampoos and Conditioner: Activated charcoals are not only beneficial for your skin but also help in maintaining healthy, lush hair and increasing its volume. More particularly, the shampoos, enriched with charcoal power, removes bacteria, pollutants, and build-ups from the surface and cleanses the pores on the scalp. It enables the scalp to breathe and soak up the sweat. Similarly, the conditioner also smoothens your locks, nourishes the strains of your hair, adds gloss to it, and stops it from frizzing.


1 Detoxifies Skin: Detoxification means the elimination of all kinds of toxins and impurities. Activated charcoal detoxifies our skin in all means. Regular use of the soaps removes all pollutants and leaves clean, exfoliated, and refreshed skin.

2 Gently Exfoliates: The soaps have little textures within them. Those little granules scrub the surface of the skin, attracts the impurities, and clears away the dead skin cells. However, this does not affect sensitive skin. It works very gently on the skin’s upper surface.

3 Deep Cleanses Skin: These soaps clear the skin from the depth of the pores. It tracks away all the oil, toxins, pollutants from the deep pores and only leaves the soft, clean, gentle, refreshed, and hydrated skin.

4 Great in Removing Toxins and Treating Acne: The pollutants and toxins present in our environment are responsible for the breakouts of acne. The charcoal soaps also can be helpful for treating the acne as it clears the skin from deep within. Moreover, regular use of the soaps will not be harsh on your skin.

5 Natural, Safe, and Chemical-free: It is perhaps one of the most important properties of ayurvedic soaps. Carbon is a chemical element that is synonymous with purity. The skincare products with activated carbon are absolutely free from all kinds of additives, chemicals, and irritants that can be harmful to your skin.

6 Suits All Skin Types: Charcoal suits every skin type starting from the extremely oily skin to the flaky dry skins. It has both exfoliating and hydrating properties. Exfoliating excess oil is helpful for oily skin, whereas hydrating the skin is helpful in moisturizing and nourishing dry skin. Also, these products can be used by anyone irrespective of their gender or age.

7 Stops Premature Aging: Another great ability of activated charcoal is of making the skin tighter and firmer. This property helps in reducing the chances of premature aging. Loose skin makes you look aged. Charcoal plays a vital role in retaining the firm compactness of your skin for longer. Regular use of this soap keeps fine lines and wrinkles away to slow down the skin’s aging process.

8 Treats Dandruff: Dandruff can be a difficult problem to deal with. The shampoos with charcoal properties can work on your scalp double as effective as the regular shampoos. These shampoos effectively remove the dry and loose skin shells and keep the scalp hydrated, which is most essential to combat dandruff.

9 Treats Cracked Heels: Activated charcoal can help in healing cracked feet. Use the soap every day to get the best results. The charcoal soap exfoliates the dead cells and hydrates the skin to prevent the heels from drying.

10 Treats Psoriasis: Psoriasis or eczema can be extremely painful. These soaps can be helpful for people with the psoriasis skin condition for their exfoliating properties. It can prove to be a blessing for them. The soaps avert the recurrence of the disease again and again.

11 Manages the Pores: Daily exposure to pollution, dust, and smoke can pose serious damage to your skin. The pollutants can get inside the pores of your skin and enlarge them over time. Regular usage of the charcoal cleanser not only clears the dust and pollutants from the open pores but also help them reduce in size by clearing the clogged pores.


The market is full of products with fascinating promises to solve all skin problems with a single product. But that could only be true if the promises were true with each product. Besides, there are products that do keep their promise but with some side-effects due to their other harsh chemical ingredients. So, you must be careful while choosing the right product from the market.

    • Read the Ingredients List

The ingredients are crucial in any skincare product as you are going to apply them directly on your skin. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, the result can be adverse. At the same time, many skincare products contain ingredients that can be harmful to your skin in long-term usage. So, read the list of the ingredients carefully before buying any charcoal soap.

    • Consider the Customer Reviews

Reviews and ratings given by the previous users can be very helpful in determining the usefulness of the charcoal soap bar in treating the problem of blackheads or acne. Apart from the online reviews, you can also go with the word of the mouth reviews from your friends or other acquaintances.

    • Identify What is Best for Your Skin Type

Not every product is equally helpful for all skin types. So, before going to the market, first determine the exact skin type you have. You may have an oily, dry, combination, sensitive, or a matured skin type. Consult a specialist to know what kind of charcoal soap can bring the best results for your skin.


Charcoal soaps are one of the very rare beauty products that are very consistently effective in providing a complete skincare treatment. Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, these soaps are also very inexpensive. No wonder why these products are making records in global popularity among all different types of consumers. The charcoal body soaps are also prepared to be used more than once every day, the same as any other soaps available in the market. So, do you think you want to replace your regular soap with charcoal soap bars?


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