• Good bacteria at work, for great skin

    Good bacteria at work, for great skin
    Probiotics are most often associated with gut-health. Not many people know that probiotics (trillions of good bacteria that help the body to fight sickness) are found on the surface of the human skin as well.  Skin, at the frontline Our skin, the largest organ of the human body, is at the frontline, because when it comes to continuous exposure to external sources of infection, it forms our first line of defence. As the war against infections is constant, the probiotic bacteria on our skin act like soldiers, fighting to keep us healthy and safe. Probiotics calm...
  • Exfoliates and cleanses, the natural way

    Exfoliates and cleanses, the natural way
    Our skin,our body’s largest organ contains millions and trillions of skin cells. Imagine - a single inch of skin has as many as 19 million skin cells and 60,000 melanocyte cells that make melanin or skin pigment. On an average, skin cells have a lifespan of two to four weeks, after which they die. Dead skin cells are replaced by new ones, and are pushed to the surface,where they are shed. As a result, at the top layer – the epidermis, we have an accumulation of approximately 30 layers of dead skin! Without adequate epidermal exfoliation,...
  • Bitters that aid better health

    Bitters that aid better health
    In age-old medicinal traditions around the world, particularly Ayurveda from India, Zhongguo the ancient Chinese science of medicine, and Kampo or Japanese herbal medicine, Digestive Bitters are an important remedy for digestive ailments. It is obvious that our ancestors sustained themselves on foods that were high in bitters, for millennia. A medical remedy that has been used to cure gut and stomach ailments, along with other microbial and inflammatory issues, Digestive Bitters are extracts of the leaves, flowers, bark, fruit or roots of plants that have a bitter taste. They are a distilled-down, concentrated blend of...
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