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"Let food be the medicine" Food is an essential part of life. A healthy life consists of healthy food, lifestyle & good conduct (Ahaar, Vihaar & Vichar). Ayurveda advises having a balanced diet which gives your body daily nutrition for proper functioning of body & mind. Food impacts physical as well as mental wellbeing. Ayurveda has advised 8 rules of healthy eating habits. They are as follows:

  1. Quality of food
  2. Processing/cooking of food
  3. Combination of food ingredients
  4. Quantity of food
  5. Source from where the food is procured
  6. Time of consumption of food
  7. Rules of food intake
  8. Individual who is eating the food

Having the right food at the right time at the right place is the secret to good health. But sometimes it is very difficult to follow in our busy lives.

Herbal ayurvedic health supplements are available to prevent & treat different illnesses and maintain a healthy balance of body & mind.

Ayurvedic Supplement for Digestion

Herbostra Digestive Bitters is non-alcoholic digestive bitters formulated with 30+ potent herbs. It eliminates waste from the body, triggers the secretion of various enzymes to strengthen the overall digestive system. It helps to detoxify the body & stomach and improves nutrition absorption. It is 100% natural. It can be added to any flavors or drinks. Better the taste with herbal bitters.

The prime ingredients include:

- Guduchi: An antioxidant that helps to build a healthier digestive system and protects the body against hyperacidity, worm infestations, abdominal inflammation.

- Amlaki: Rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants, Amla helps regulate bowel movements and reduces irritation in the stomach. It helps in the absorption of nutrients & mineral supplements.

- Haritaki: Haritaki is traditionally used as a remedy for Vata disturbances. It helps in curing constipation, emaciation, flatulence & indigestion.

Ayurvedic Supplement for Weight Loss & Diabetes

Herbostra Diet Infusion Cubes is made from the heartwood of Vijaysar (Pterocarpus marsupium). Vijaysar has been extensively used in Ayurveda for treating diabetes and is referred to as 'Mahdumeha.' It is high in anti-glycemic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively regulates blood sugar levels and reduces excess fat & improves digestion.

A glass of drinking water kept in Vijaysar bark and consuming in the morning is an old age practice to control the sugar levels. Herbostra Diet Infusion Cubes, also referred to as Sugar & Fat Control cubes, are made available for easy consumption.

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