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Oils are excellent moisturizers & emollients. Oil balances vata in the body. In Ayurveda, oil is known as “sneha” which also means love. So, oil is a form of self-love. Herbostra has innovatively formulated oils which contain pure and potent sun dried herbs using Probiotic Technology.

Herbostra Herbal Oil is suitable for all skin types.

- Oils are excellent moisturizers & emollients.
- Oil balances vata in the body.

What is Abhyanga?

Our body needs equal pampering from outside as it needs from within. In Ayurveda, Gently rubbing of warm oil over the head, body and feet is known as Abhyanga. It should be done slowly and gently so as to let the oil absorb in the skin. It’s an ancient ritual of self-massage & is an integral part of ayurved advised Dinacharya (Daily Regimen).

Daily Abhyanga wards off exertion, it balances vata and nourishes the body. It makes your skin smooth and healthy. It also strengthens the muscles and is very good for nervous system. It aids lymphatic drainage. It boosts blood circulation, lubricates tissues & hydrates the body.

Applying oil before a bath ensures you stay moisturized as the water seals the moisture content of oils and makes it easy to absorb. It takes about 285 seconds (900 Matrakalas) for the oil to reach the deep tissues. Hence, abhyanga should be minimum 4 mins & can extend upto 45mins to get maximum benefits.

It is one of the best therapies for insomnia. A good abhyanga relaxes your nerves and helps in relaxing and unwinding. Abhyanga also helps to maintain optimum levels of Vitamin D also known as sunshine vitamin. Abhyanga improves the skin at the most cellular level & helps it to synthesize Vitamin D from the sun rays. So, find a good spot with enough early morning sunlight for Abhyanga.

In Probiotic Technology, natural probiotics are used as bioactive ingredient in skin care products. They act in similar way as they do for digestive system. Probiotics act as a protective shield by preventing bad microorganisms which creates a more calming environment & soothes the skin. They also have natural antimicrobial peptides that combat bad bacteria. And lastly, they boost skins immune system in dealing with external damaging factors including free radicals, sun, and pollution. This in turn reduces inflammation & prevents premature aging.

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