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Oral hygiene is one's mouth fresh, clean and free of various ailments. Ayurveda has given a lot of importance to Oral Care.

In Ayurveda, Oral care mainly consists of

  1. Gandusha/Kavala (Oil Pulling/Mouthwash)
  2. Dantadhavan (Brushing of teeth)
  3. Scrapping of Tongue

Importance of Oral Care

Traditionally, oral care use to start with Oil pulling and then a neem twig was used for cleaning of teeth. Oil pulling is an integral part of Ayurvedic Oral Care as Oil pulling helps to pull out toxins and reaches 99% of the oral cavity while a toothbrush reaches only 10% of the oral cavity. Hence, Oil pulling is advised before brushing your teeth.

Herbs like Neem, Khadira, Daruharidra, Irimeda etc were used which have cleansing, natural anti-microbial and wound healing properties, and also helps to strengthen the gums & teeth.

According to Ayurveda, balance of tridoshas is important for good health.

Oral cavity is the site of Bodhak Kapha. It carries out various functions like regulates oral bacteria, lubrication of oral tissues, sense of taste, supports speech & vocal chords, initiates the first stage of digestion through oral enzymes & supports immune system. Good oral care helps in smooth functioning of these cellular activities and can have miraculous effects on your overall health.

For Oral Health & Improved Immunity

At Herbostra, our oral care products are a perfect mix of ancient ayurvedic science and natural herbs like Neem, Khadira, Daruharidra, Irimeda, etc. These herbs are proved to have cleansing, natural anti-microbial, and wound healing properties. It also helps to strengthen the gums & teeth.

Oil Pulling Mouthwash is 100 % natural & formulated with Sesame Oil and 25 herbs. It pulls the toxins out of the mouth & throat. Detoxifies and supports respiratory health. Irimedadi Toothpaste is a natural & ayurvedic toothpaste made from Irimeda, Neem, Manjishtha, Khadira, Lavang, and various other potent ingredients.

As absorption of nutrients in the body start from our mouth itself, it is essential to use oral care products that are natural and free from chemicals. HerbostraHerbostra Oral care products, are fluoride free and triclosan free with Natural ingredients.

There’s no synthetic colour or synthetic flavor.

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