About Us


Herbostra - derived from 'Herb' & 'Stra' - meaning "Originated from Herbs", is an innovative Ayurvedic company that is modernizing conventional Ayurvedic products by making them more palatable, presentable and accessible to all. Herbostra uses Ayurvedic knowledge along with modern science to develop its own formulations for Innovative products which are effective and consumer friendly.
Herbostra also offers expert consultations and helps disseminate Ayurvedic Knowledge at an individual, institutional and at a community level through its robust technology backend that helps consumers interact seamlessly with the information database to know more about every Ayurvedic solution, its origins and application. Herbostra aspires to empower 'Wellness Conscious' individuals with knowledge and application of Natural Living and become a focal point for the promotion of Modern Ayurveda as primary therapy to rediscover the true spirit of ancient healing.


Herbostra through its research and innovations create products which are unique and purposeful. We manufacture products using standardised procedures,
pure herbs and advance techniques tested by experts. Our products are unique & provides scientific solutions to health issues. Our goal is to make holistic health care available to every individual around the world.



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