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Skin Care is one of the most important parts of Natural Beauty, any age group you may belong to. Taking care of your skin and seeing whether it gets enough nourishment from the products is important. Anything which comes in contact with skin externally (soaps, lotions, oils, dust, chemicals etc) is absorbed in the body within seconds. Unfortunately, every day millions of people use chemical products that don’t help your skin but actually harm your skin.

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Skin care is vital for normal functional protection.
The skin has two layers:
- The dermis

- The epidermis
The epidermis functions to protect the body and acts as a shield protective. The dermis provides support and structure to the skin. Underneath the dermis is the hypodermis which provides insulation (temperature regulation) for the skin. Breaking through this skin barrier with chemical based skin care products puts you at a risk of developing irritations and allergies from synthetic materials.

Herbostra products are delicately crafted with natural Ayurvedic ingredients using Probiotic Technology which helps to take good care of your skin.

It provides nourishment, vitamins and minerals are the ones which our skin needs and these products help our skin to brighten and keep it soft. It’s not just about the beauty but also experiencing the Unique, Natural and Ayurvedic skin care products launched by Herbostra.

In Probiotic Technology, natural probiotics are used as bioactive ingredient in skin care products. They act in similar way as they do for digestive system. Probiotics act as a protective shield by preventing bad microorganisms which creates a more calming environment & soothes the skin. They also have natural antimicrobial peptides that combat bad bacteria. And lastly, they boost skins immune system in dealing with external damaging factors including free radicals, sun, and pollution.

This in turn reduces inflammation & prevents premature aging.

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